Joah Private Villa

Joah Private Villa


Every detail in the decoration and project has been chosen thinking on the positive impact that the same creates in our unforgettable experience at Joah Private Villa. We celebrate the art in nature using the materials in its simplest form, creating our own identity. Sculptures in different materials, forms and design are present everywhere in the property.

Joah Private Villa is the perfect place to nurture the mind and body, allowing them to be in perfect harmony with nature. From yoga during the sunrise to meditation at sunset, here we find the perfect way to balance our energy and relax. Here we feel time is moving slower similarly to the rhythm of nature.

Our organic vegetable garden takes us to an amazing journey of colors, flavors and aroma, celebrating the great gift from earth: life! Nature celebration is everywhere at Joah Private Villa, from the texture wood in its natural and original shape to the corten steel and copper used in several pieces and sculptures. Our open-air fireplaces allow us to contemplate the beautiful surroundings throughout the evening creating a unique sensation with the combination of fire, sea and the perfume from the jasmine flowers.

At Joah Private Villa we celebrate the best Rio de Janeiro has to offer: nature!